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29 March 2015 (Sun)
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Super 12 Treffers by Manuel Escorcio is now available at Musica.


Super 12 Treffers


Manuel was admitted to hospital on the 2nd of December 2014 for an operation. He will in recovery for 4 months. See his blog for details on his next show.

“After two months of hardly being able to walk as result of back pain, last week I went to see Dr. Johan Nel, the Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon at Pretoria East Hospital. He sent me for X-rays, M.R.I. and also an appointment with Dr. Kritzinger, the neurologist. The results are not good and left me flabbergasted as there is a lot of bone degeneration on my back. By now, I am also beyond Physio therapy. Some of the nerves on my left leg are already dying as a result of the pinching. I will undergo a 6 hour spinal surgery on the 2nd of December at Pretoria East Hospital. If I do not do the op, I can be paralyzed or worse, left incontinent.
This means ALL SHOWS CANCELLED from December right through to end of March 2015, including my Israel Tour in April. I will have 8 titanium screws put in, bone marrow for bone graft, cushions, fusion of lower vertebrae etc. I will have to lie flat on my back for 2 months and recuperation period another 2 months. This is a bummer and it is the last thing I expected and makes me stressed. I will finish all my concerts from now until 1st of Dec. on pain killers as I can now scarcely walk without them. Perhaps I need a total make over and complete reconditioning of the old ‘engine’. Old Age, wear and tear creeping in, I guess…”

Manuel Escorcio